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mama, your skin is stretching and moving in ways you never knew possible - we want to help you (and your skin!) grow into this new role with  stretch with care and ease -  no remaining scars, stretch-marks or tearing during labor.

our COLLAGEN + ELASTICITY ballm is an incredible companion for expectant or new moms. filled with shea butter, frankincense, sandalwood and rose, this ballm may aid in naturally enhancing your skin's collagen production, encouraging new cell growth, increasing skin's ability to stretch without tearing; reducing inflammation, fine lines + wrinkles; preventing or reducing stretch marks + scarring, and reducing acne or large pores. safe for facial use and on you baby.

apply daily to full body to maximum therapeutic benefits. apply to specific areas where you'd like to avoid stretch marks or perineal tears. if your using this "down there" (to avoid perineal tears during labor) start use 3 weeks before your due date, and consider having a partner help you apply. to apply do one of the following: 

1. warm your Ballm up on your arm or in the palm of your hand, then glide the Ballm directly over the area

2. apply Ballm liberally on your hand(s) and apply with hand

(research suggests that Frankincense is is anit-cancer, anti-tumor! HERE is a link to an article with the research sited.)

organic ingredients: shea butter, jojoba oil

cptg essential oils: frankincense, sandalwood, rose. that’s it.

[2] 2 oz ballms

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Moisture In a Ball

Moisture In a Ball

A unique and innovative lotion ball specially formulated to tame even the most sensitive skin, enhance your skin's natural elasticity, and revive your natural glow.

Safe & Effective Ingredients

Safe & Effective Ingredients

This creamy ball of moisture is made of all-natural, raw materials. & the finest butters, oils, essential oils, and herbs to keep your skin happy and healthy. Effective even on the most sensitive skin.




Experience the creamy nourishing ball filled with anti-aging, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

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