March 27, 2021

6 ways moms are using our B A L L M ' s

By Lindsey Brooke
6 ways moms are using our  B A L L M ' s

never has moisture and nutrients for your little one been so fun, delicious, and safe.
yes, you guessed it - our BALLMS continue to have wonderful benefits for life after the birth of your precious little one. here’s a few ways you can use your BALLM after you give birth——

1. stretchmarks, skin tightening, inflammation: continue to use your BALLM for your belly, butt, boobs, “down there”, etc., as everything heals up and shrinks back into place. all of our butters and oils have anti-inflammatory properties, so they’re great to bring down feelings of inflammation, which can help you feel less bloated, stiff, or sore.

2. nipple cream: if you’re nursing, our HYDRATE + PROTECT BALLM is a fantastic nipple cream to use in place of lanolin. its deep hydration a n d moisturizing properties work above and below the surface to keep your extra soft tissues intact without dryness or cracking. you may find that your wee little one will appreciate the taste more than lanolin also (yes, it’s safe for them to ingest that way).

3. diaper rash: all of our MAMA BALLMS work as fantastic diaper rash creams to avoid or soothe. we love the HYDRATE + PROTECT for this use, but the essential oil BALLMS work fantastic as well — especially if your baby naturally has more oily skin (the cocoa butter in the H+P  c a n  clog pores, but with shea butter that isn’t a concern at all).

4. ECZEMA: our BALLMS are f a n t a s t i c for soothing eczema; often, you will see quick results. because of the deep hydration, and the fact that these butters and oils absorb into the skin to heal lower layers, this allows for the dry areas to be nourished from the outside in AND the inside out. all of this is accomplished without toxics from chemicals, parabens, or preservatives and WITH added nutrients. (the HYDRATE + PROTECT BALLM is great for eczema, but on this one, i’m going to recommend using your mama intuition and use which ever one is “calling” to you. choosing which essential oils to use can be a very intuitive process for you and your family's needs.)


5. cradle cap: use our HYDRATE + PROTECT to gently melt over dry, flakey spots on your babe’s scalp to moisture and hydrate from the outside in AND the inside out.

6. baby acne or redness: baby soft skin is meant to be baby soft to the touch and milky in color! our LAVENDER and PATCHOULI loba’s work well to calm redness and soothe any baby acne.


choosing what BALLM to use can be an intuitive process for you and your family's health and wellness. each ingredient we use has not just one but MANY benefits for body and mind.

our greatest joy is simply putting products in your homes and hands that bring you j o y as you use them with confidence, knowing they will do no harm, but instead will add nutrients and wellness to you and yours. ✨

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